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Website Development

  • Feb 15 / 2014
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Website Development

There are two important factors that come into play when building a website.  With website development, you typically will have a website designer and website developer.   I’m handy with a number of programs that can meet your needs.  Website designers are individuals who know what a website should look like to get the most use out of it but don’t know anything about coding.  A website developer knows how to code but doesn’t know anything about designing a website and how they should look.  Lucky for you, I’m both. 

This is what a website designer will show in photoshop of what the website should look like (website designer).  This is what a website developer will create if they don’t have designing background (website developer).  However, if you can combine the two services, you end up with website that looks like mine. And that is what we want for you.  

The cost to have a website designed and built can get pretty expensive, however, because I can do both for you, the cost is discounted and combined so you get both services at a fraction of the price.  We can do logo design as well so really, we are all you will need to get your website off the ground and running.  Below are the list of skills that you can expect from my services.

All-in-One Website Package

  • Back end CMS (Content Management System) This will allow you to make changes by yourself once our services are finished
  • Customization of your website to maximize the user exposure and help your visitors stay on your site
  • Contact forms that will go to any email you decide
  • Additional security will be setup to make your website secure and decrease the chances of hackers ruining it
  • Setup of backups for your website so should something ever happens, we’ll have a backup so your downtime will be minimized
  • Track customers by mouse movement
  • Setup tracking for analytics
  • Show your Social Media Feeds
  • Customization of user interaction (i.e. Calendars, Contact forms, etc.)

If you would like to get maximum exposure for your website on the internet, we also have SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services that will help you rank high on Google, Bing, etc to help more customers find you and your services.  Check out our SEO services now!

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