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  • Jun 27 / 2014
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Hire SEO Expert Utah

Hire SEO Expert UtahWell, lets break it down.  The phrase hire SEO expert Utah, doesn’t roll off of the tongue very well but there is a very clear reason you decided to type that very phrase.  You are looking to hire an SEO expert that is in Utah, and probably someone you can meet face-to-face so you know that you are getting a person and not some automated system. SEO can be a very challenging vertical to get into and most of the time, you’ll see that most companies charge both an arm and a leg, me, I only charge a rib, and baby back please.
All joking aside, my greatest goal in doing SEO is giving you an ROI that is worth the money.  Some companies opt out for the long term and strictly go with the short term. Let me provide you with an example that will help you determine what direction to go.  If you have products that need to be bought, a Utah PPC campaign is where you will want to start.  Why? Because if you have a product that is $39.95 and you can spend $3 on PPC to sell that product, and make $17 in profit now, where in the long run, you would have spent $10 and make a $10 profit, why not put more money in the machine that gives you faster results for less of the cost? The phrase you picked of hire SEO expert Utah, brought you here, but I’m sure you weren’t looking for someone to tell you to start with PPC right?
Now why would I do that? To earn your trust.  I’m not going to lie to you and tell you that SEO is where you need to be right now.  I want to make sure that you are profitable now and then.  Some may disagree with this ploy, for me, whether it’s your company or your competitor, someone will eventually utilize my services.

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