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Trevor N Hansen

  • Apr 06 / 2016
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Trevor N Hansen

This is the place where I can showcase my work and offer my personal services to those who seek an SEO specialist or a Digital/Multimedia Producer.  I have a passion for working in the Adobe Suite everyday and love to learn new things while applying my knowledge to current projects.  Not only do I work in the Adobe Suite, but I do all the prep work leading up to that moment. I am familiar with a number of DSLR cameras, video cameras, different types of software from Audition to FL Studio to Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects and more!

It’s common for most people to think inside the box, I’m the type of person that will find the resources to build objects outside the box.  Not only do I enjoy the creative process, but I live for improving processes and am an idea generator and implementer.  My skills and talents don’t just end with the creative elements.  Even though my Bachelors of Science is in Business and Multimedia, my minor is in Computer Science.  I love to code HTML and CSS, but am anxious for other opportunities for hands on learning of C++, C#, MySQL, PHP and JS as secondary languages.

If you see yourself working with someone that is constantly positive, willing to do what it takes to succeed while embracing change, then keep reading. I don’t just stop at the finish line, I continue down past the water drinkers and selfie takers to ensure I hit my mark that is beyond the start of the finish line.

I look forward to speaking with you about my work and would love the opportunity to become a valuable asset on your creative team!

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